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Because it will change lives. It might even save one.


For one year fully funds the Treatment Protocol of one participant


Fully funds the Treatment Protocol of one participant


Helps recruit and train a new practitioner so that we can expand service to a new community


Covers open access fees so that we can make our research findings available to everyone


Covers one month's salary for a critical staff position to ensure program stability and sustainability


Invests in the future of Fascial Counterstrain research

How will your donation be used?

  • Directly funding Fascial Counterstrain treatments for individuals impacted by and recovering from trauma.
  • Outreach efforts that build awareness and partnerships with like-minded agencies to coordinate our assistance goals.
  • Conducting ongoing research to measure and verify the short and long term effects of Fascial Counterstrain.
  • Capacity building investments like hiring critical staff and contractors so that we can expand the scope of our programs and ensure their sustainability.
  • To sustain necessary operating costs so that we can deliver exceptional care as a multi-regional organization serving hundreds of people every year.
how will your donation be used

The Problem We’re Solving

It is estimated that in just the United States, 8 million adults have experienced trauma and experience the symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress injuries.

Death by suicide is a pervasive danger to first responders, veterans, active duty military, and healthcare frontline workers. It's estimated that 44 veterans a day take their own lives and while reporting for first responders is less straight forward the rates of suicide, suicidal ideation, and mental health issues is still staggering.

Due to chronic exposure to stress and critical incidents, the toll their work takes on the nervous system is undeniable. Mental health, quality of life, interpersonal relationships, ability to work, as well as their sense of inherent value can all be negatively affected.

Whether witnessing or being involved in critical incidents, service members need help addressing trauma where it is stored in the body's tissues.

Counterstrain has the ability to do that. We’re making this treatment accessible to service members so that they can get their lives back…

… and we need your help to do it.

How We're Solving It

Research Trials

We are in the process of studying the effect Counterstrain has on people who have suffered pain, insomnia, mental and emotional distress due to trauma. This research will provide evidence supporting the efficacy of Counterstrain, so that it can be more widely available to those in need.

Building Awareness

Counterstrain has already helped many who have been negatively affected by trauma. We have seen improvements in pain management, social and emotional coping, sleep, and mental clarity. Through on-the-groud outreach efforts and collaborations we’re working to educate both the public and the medical community about the application of Counterstrain to treat the symptoms of traumatic stress.


As leaders in the study and advocacy regarding Traumatic Stress, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has two primary modalities listed as acceptable treatment for Traumatic Stress: psychotherapy and pharmaceutical medications. Our goal is to add Counterstrain as an accepted modality for those who suffer from the effects of trauma in the Line of Duty.

our goals

Our Goals

To expand access and make Counterstrain available to the people who need it and a longer term vision of launching a scholarship fund to train more practitioners.

We are one of the only organization leading efforts to educate the public about Fascial Counterstrain's unique ability addition to treat the effects of trauma where it is stored in the tissues of the body. Anecdotal reports suggest that Fascial Counterstrain could be a powerful addition to a holistic care plan for people recovering from traumatic stress.

To make Fascial Counterstrain accessible to as many impacted individuals as possible, we will need to build a robust canon of research to understand it's affects, and work to subsidize the training of a large network of exceptionally qualified practitioners. These needs define our work and guide program goals.


Individuals recovering from the impacts of traumatic stress have received help from our organization

Counterstrain treatments provided to individuals recovering from traumatic stress symptoms
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Funds received through donations and charitable giving to invest in treatment, research, education, and operations.

Cities currently served throughout the United States.


We think about money differently, and we’d like for you to join us.

Our financial philosophy is different from a lot of other organizations.

We’ve broken away from some of the scarcity thinking that limits so many well-intentioned organizations that prevents their ability to scale. We know that our team members are the backbone of our ability to deliver exceptional care.

We are committed to prioritizing our team members because a well-resourced team will provide the best care, think in the most innovative ways, and make the most with what we have so that we can continue to scale the scope of our programs over the long term. We don’t shy away from prioritizing funds to hire and retain incredible staff. We want to be able to attract the best people for the job without asking them to sacrifice the financial well-being of their own families. We pay good people, doing good work, good money. The better people we have on our team, the bigger impact we can have.

Having an exceptional team allows us to take the funds we have and turn them into more funds. It allows us to run compelling fundraising campaigns that directly benefit our impact and research programs. Having an exceptional team ensures that our program recipients receive the best care before, during, and well after their treatments sessions. Having an exceptional team helps us foster a healthy work environment that protects against burn out so that we can keep qualified leaders and staff employed and avoid wasteful spending and turnover.

We know that this is a more holistic approach to using funds than a lot of other organizations out there but we’re invested in creating a sustainable organization that attracts incredible talent so that we can deliver our programs with excellence for not just years but decades to come.

We think about money differently

For a brilliant and inspiring breakdown of why we’ve chosen this approach and how it helps us be not only effective but able to grow consistently, check out this video:

Video poster
The way we think about charity is dead wrong

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Absolutely. We are a 501(c)3 organization and when you donate will provide you a receipt for your donation. Our Federal ID Number is 82-3361715 and you can view our IRS Determination Letter here.
  • Recurring donations - monthly or annual - are the most supportive because then we have a better idea of what funding we are able to anticipate, which impacts what we can and cannot plan to do. Budget projections inform the goals we set for outreach and program growth, the number of treatments we can offer, the scope of our research, and our ability to hire the critical staff needed to sustain and deliver our programs and services.
  • Yes! You can encourage people in your network to give by launching your own crowdfund. It’s super easy and can be a great way for communities to combine their efforts to make a bigger impact.

    Click here and then select the button “I Want to Fundraise for This” in the top right corner. You’ll enter some contact information for tracking and transparency purposes. Then you can share it with your friends, family, and colleagues via email, social media, etc. Consider sharing your story and personal reasons for wanting to give to help the people you care about understand why they might want to support as well.
  • Many employers have incredible matching programs that can double, triple, or even quadruple the impact of your donation. Some companies have generous matching programs for retirees as well.

    Reach out to your current or former employer directly to learn about their matching programs.

    If you’d like support in this process, contact us and we’re happy to help you make an action plan to determine questions and next steps.
  • Yes! And it would be greatly appreciated.

    Sometimes agencies or individuals who make donations over $5,000, will designate those funds for a specific program, project, or need.

    At this time, targeted donations can be made to:
    The Operating Reserve
    The Research Program
    The Impact Program
    - or one of it's Regional SubPrograms (WA, CA, CO, MD, OR, NY, MN, or VA)
  • Yes. You can include the Bridge Back Project as part of your enduring legacy. When you include The Bridge Back Project in your will, you are contributing towards the sustainability of our services and a future where people impacted by trauma can get life changing, and sometimes even life-saving, care. If you dream of making an impact that helps individuals, their families, and their communities regain access to fulfilling, meaningful lives for decades to come, consider including the Bridge Back Project as part of your legacy.

    To include the Bridge Back Project as a beneficiary in your will, please contact us through our contact form and someone from our team with reach out to go over your questions, goals, and next steps.
  • We get it. While donating is one of the most impactful ways to support our work, we believe that there are many other contributions our amazing community can give to help us grow. When we need volunteers to help at fundraisers, table at outreach events, or speak to prospective participants, we email our contact list. Click here to subscribe and join our community of alumni, volunteers, and donors.

    Another highly impactful way to help us is to share your story and spread the word. You can do this simply by sharing with your community. OR if you feel comfortable, we would love to interview you about your experience and include it on our Youtube channel to educate more people about what Fascial Counterstrain could do for them. Send us a message to let us know your willing and someone on our team can answer your questions and coordinate with you to set up a time to chat.

    Your story, your experience, and your belief in the project are the most powerful tools we have to help build awareness and reach more people.

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