Restore Life. Renew Hope. Return to freedom.

Restore Life. Renew Hope. Return to freedom.


Individuals approved for grants to fund treatments that support recovery from trauma and injury

Fascial Counterstrain treatment hours funded to support client healing
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Received through donations and charitable giving to invest in financial assistance, research, education, and operations.

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We are the
Bridge Back Project

Our goal is to change the way people understand, talk about, and treat trauma-impacted individuals. Trauma is complex and is stored in the body. Our nervous system considers trauma to be vital information as it maps and remembers experiences in an effort to keep us safe and steer us away from danger but can - with repetitive or severe trauma - get stuck in an overprotective loop of activation. Fascial Counterstrain is a dynamic strategy that addresses dysfunction in the underlying anatomy of the brain and nervous system allowing those structures to heal and reset.

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Restore Life. Renew Hope. Return to freedom.

Our Mission

The Bridge Back Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on a mission to bring Fascial Counterstrain to the world to address the impact of trauma, promote healing, and restore hope.

We do this by providing financial assistance to help trauma-impacted people access quality Counterstrain treatment, offering scholarships to subsidize the cost of Counterstrain training for committed clinicians, and through sponsoring research to measure and verify the effects of Fascial Counterstrain to treat conditions affecting the body's health.

The Bridge Back Project

Our Priorities

Revolutionizing Care through Counterstrain

Accessibility Programs


We fund three Fascial Counterstrain treatments for individuals from populations prone to experiencing higher rates of trauma including Veterans, Military, and First Responders; Black, Indigenous, and People of Color; and LGBTQIA+ folks who seeking FCS care as part of their trauma recovery strategy.

Research Program


We sponsor clinical research trials designed to measure and verify the effects of Fascial Counterstrain when used to treat conditions that affect the body and mind.

Education Program


We work to build public awareness by developing educational materials that demystify what Fascial Counterstrain is and it's potential benefits. We are also working closely with US Counterstrain Education Insitutions to develop a Scholarship Fund that supports the next generation of clinicians to become certified Fascial Counterstrain practitioners.

What is Counterstrain

What is Counterstrain?

When we experience trauma - physical or mental - our body is designed to memorize that experience so that it is ready and prepared for a next time. Our bodies are brilliant at compensating and self-protecting when we are injured just like our nervous systems skilled at scanning for new dangers that look like something negative we've experience. However, when our body and systems get stuck in these states of compensation or over-protection instead of healing and returning to a healthy baseline, we experience our system's in dysfunction. A prolonged state of dysfunction affects blood flow, causes inflammation, and prevents the body from benefitting from it's strong, natural ability to heal. This 'reflexive physiological response' can be restored or normalized by a specialized but little known physical medicine technique called Fascial Counterstrain.

After treatment, many people report reduction in pain, improvement in sleep, better organ function, and restored mental and emotional stability due to nervous system regulation. Counterstrain involves a series of gentle hands-on adjustments to reduce inflammation and release tension in the fascia around inhibited physical structures. Treatments are painless, relaxing, and typically last 60 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We are a 501(c)3 organization made up of a dedicated team of physicians, physical therapists, psychologists, and professionals.

    We are on a mission to bring Fascial Counterstrain to the world to address the impact of trauma, promote healing, and restore hope.
  • We serve survivors of trauma taking into account the complex factors that contribute to acute and chronic trauma including injury, illness, disability, discrimination, high-risk professions, and systematic disenfranchisement.

    Right now our Financial Aid Program serves:
    + Active Duty Military and Veterans
    + Asian American and Pacific Island (AAPI); Black and African American; Indigenous; Latino/a/x; and other mixed-race folks
    + First Responders and Healthcare Frontline Workers
    + Gender minorities and Women
    + People who idenitfy as LGBTQIA2S+

    If you identify as belonging to one or more of the communities listed above and are recovering from physical and/or mental trauma and you want to see if Fascial Counterstrain would be a helpful addition to your recovery strategy, you are eligible to receive funding to fully cover 3 FCS treatments with an approved practitioner in our Provider Network.
  • Counterstrain is a physical medicine modality that alleviates tension and inflammation in the body's tissues using a gentle, hands-on process that is non-invasive.

    Treatment can include movement of the body - like repositioning a wrist or knee - as well as gentle adjustment to tissues - like lightly pressing on and gliding a muscle - to release reflexive spasm, drain inflammation, and catalyze healing.

    It is relaxing, and patients often experience a visible reduction in localized pain, stiffness, and tension.

    It is unlike any other manual therapy technique and the best way to understand it is to experience it first hand.
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