Our Accessibility efforts are designed to identify, anticipate, and dismantle barriers that prevent people from accessing quality Fascial Counterstrain care.

Financial Aid Program

We award $600 grants to qualified applicants to fully cover three 60 minute Fascial Counterstrain sessions with approved clinicians in our Provider Network.

Outreach Work

We collaborate with community partners and peer-network agencies to build awareness about our programs so that we can bring more relief and hope to underserved individuals.


Fascial Counterstrain offers incredible potential for healing, but most people don’t even know about it, and for those that do, many experience insurmountable barriers to accessing it.

That’s where we come in.


Discover the Power of Counterstrain


Individuals provided with grants to cover Fascial Counterstrain treatments


Fascial Counterstrain treatment hours provided to individuals recovering from physical trauma and injury


Cities in the United States with in-network providers

Financial Aid Program

What is the Financial Aid Program?

The Financial Aid Program awards grants to individuals recovering from trauma who want to explore Fascial Counterstrain treatment as part of their recovery plan. Each grant is for $600, which fully covers three Fascial Counterstrain sessions with approved clinicians in our Provider Network.

Most clients report that three sessions is sufficient to experience noticeable positive results. Many report feeling effects after just one appointment - such as reduction in pain, improved sleep, and reduced tension. Please keep in mind that every case and every body is different, and experiences will vary.

Once awarded, funds are distributed directly to the in-network provider of your choice to cover three FCS sessions.

Fascial Counterstrain is a gentle, non-invasive, physical treatment that can offer immediate relief and restoration directly to the body’s tissues and nervous system. It is a powerful care option for people with treatment-resistant trauma.

Unfortunately, the out-of-pocket cost of treatment can be an obstacle that prevents many people from accessing these potentially life-changing treatments.

Physical and mental trauma dramatically diminish quality of life and contribute to staggering rates of suicide and mental health problems. The potential benefits offered by Fascial Counterstrain can support people recovering from trauma by giving their bodies the reset it needs to heal.

Who is the Financial Aid Program for?

We serve survivors of trauma, taking into account the complex factors that contribute to acute and chronic trauma, including injury, illness, disability, discrimination, high-risk professions, and systematic disenfranchisement.

We operate on the honor system through our self-report applications. We do not require documentation of financial need when you apply for a grant.

We are committed to expanding eligibility criteria as funding permits.

How does it work?

How does it work?

If you identify as belonging to one or more of the communities listed above, you can submit your information below to get on the waitlist. We will notify you when the next grant cycle is open for application.

How is it funded?

How is it funded?

The Bridge Back Project is able to fully fund three Fascial Counterstrain sessions through generous donations from friends of the project and past participants who want to make sure others can experience the benefit they’ve received.

The Bridge Back Project also works year-round applying for grants, collaborating with strategic partners, and testing out new fundraising initiatives to build our reserve and extend our long term capacity to offer and grow our programs.

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